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Verizon hunkers down for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, what may essentially be the biggest storm to hit the North Eastern seaboard in history, is barreling toward us, through the Atlantic, at this very second. It’s estimated to cause between $2.5 and $3 billion in wind damage alone, and has already claimed dozens of lives on its way to the States.

Verizon Wireless wants you to know they are ready to roll and have released information on what they’re doing to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. Click here for Verizon's Preparedness page for this monumental hurricane.

Click here to learn about wireless emergency alerts which can keep you updated during such emergencies, and click here to see how Verizon plans for such emergencies and keeps its network operational during emergency situations.

While flooding and storm surges may be the most life-threatening aspect of the storm, wind damage will most certainly hinder communication and likely cause power outages across the area. In fact, it’s expected that 10 million people will be without power at some point over the next week.

For residents of states declared to be in a State of Emergency, here’s a friendly reminder to plug in all of your electronics to a surge protector, and leave them charging until power goes out (if it does). Unplug unused equipment and anything that doesn’t have a battery, as brownouts usually proceed blackouts and can be very harmful.

Source: Verizon Wireless